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92446 Complex Nursing Care: Mental Health

6cp; 1hpw (online and face-to-face lecture), 2hpw (a combination of Zoom and face to face tutorials)
Requisite(s): 92436 Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing OR 92323 Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing OR 92451 Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing (Graduate Entry) OR 92015 Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing (Graduate Entry) OR 92322 Medical Surgical Nursing OR 92438 Medical Surgical Nursing OR 92454 Medical Surgical Nursing OR 92450 Medical Surgical Nursing (Graduate Entry) OR 92457 Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing
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Students explore approaches to collaborative mental health nursing with people who have complex mental health needs and their families. The special populations of interest in this subject include: young adults who have a first episode of or early psychosis; people who experience co-existing substance use and mental health disorders; people who experience eating disorders; Indigenous Australians; and homeless people who experience mental disorders. The physical health needs of people with a mental disorder are also considered.

The approaches considered promote recovery-focused mental health nursing to address complex health needs and include: partnerships between experts by experience and experts by profession; development of collaborative therapeutic relationships with individuals and their families/carers; therapeutic communication and interviewing skills development, therapeutic communication with people who hear voices; and reflective practice, including professional supervision.

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Spring session, City campus

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