University of Technology Sydney

STM90370 Core subjects

84110  Aesthetics in Industrial Design  6cp
84111  Understanding Three-dimensional Form  6cp
84112  Industrial Design Communications  6cp
84113  Problem Solving in Industrial Design  6cp
84114  Industrial Design Digital Communication  6cp
84115  Informing Industrial Design  6cp
84120  Structure, Form and Material in Industrial Design  6cp
84121  Computer-aided Industrial Design  6cp
84122  Ergonomics and Industrial Design  6cp
84123  Material Manipulation  6cp
84124  Sustainability and Design  6cp
84130  Product Technology  6cp
84131  Industrial Design Directions  6cp
84133  Industrial Design Theory  6cp
84134  Industrial Design Professional Communication  6cp
84135  Ecodesign Practice  6cp
84771  Industrial Design Project 700A  6cp
84772  Industrial Design Professional Practice  6cp
84780  Research Dissertation ID  6cp
84880  Major Project ID  24cp
85502  Researching Design Histories  6cp
85503  Thinking Through Design  6cp
Total  150cp