University of Technology Sydney

97901 International Internship

6cp; 2 x 3hrs seminars (one pre-departure and one after return from overseas); international program: up to 28 days intensive
Anti-requisite(s): 94680 Entering Professional Life (6cp) AND 94681 Entering Professional Life (8cp) AND 97900 International Internship


This subject provides students with the opportunity to develop their intercultural awareness and professional skills through completion of an intensive internship, practicum or entrepreneurship placement with an international organisation. It is offered in July and Summer sessions, however the specific internships available may vary.

Students participate in classes at UTS before their departure and after their return from overseas to support their learning experience. The international placement in a company, organisation or institution gives students the opportunity to work in interdisciplinary teams on tasks and projects, and learn about the work practices and functions of the organisation. Through the experience of living and working abroad, the subject enhances students' intercultural communication skills and understanding of their own and others' cultures.

Students must be accepted into an approved international program before submitting an eRequest to enrol. Students should attach confirmation of their acceptance to their eRequest.

Typical availability

July session, various locations
Summer session, various locations

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Access conditions

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