University of Technology Sydney

81538 Frame Innovation

8cp; block (6 days over 3wks); availability: all enrolled UTS undergraduate students
Anti-requisite(s): 81512 Creative Practice and Methods


This subject centres on frame creation, a design-based approach to networked problem solving, developed and used in the UTS Design Innovation Research Centre. Working with the multidisciplinary staff from the centre, participants in this subject engage with the question of how to 'solve the unsolvable' – the open, complex, dynamic and networked problems facing society today. Participants learn the theory behind the nine-step frame creation methodology, putting into practice and testing its associated methods and tools. Through first-hand experience of the power of frame creation, participants create new approaches to problems that have confounded conventional problem-solving practices. They then shift towards the broader practices of frame innovation – the skills, knowledge and mentality required to drive frame creation in an organisation and society.

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