University of Technology Sydney

94657 Innovation Futures: Thinking Beyond What Is


block (6 full days over 3wks)

; availability: all enrolled UTS undergraduate students
Anti-requisite(s): 81529 Innovation Futures: Thinking Beyond What Is


This subject explores innovation towards sustainable futures through rigorous research that identifies factors impacting system wide change, and futuring methods that support the exploration of trends that will impact each student’s area of interest. Taking a holistic approach to system analysis, students are prompted to:

  • critically evaluate the validity of sources they use to understand their field of interest when building innovative system interventions,
  • assess available information on their area of interest to identify barriers or enablers for change in that system context,
  • identify trends that could shape the future world they will be designing their innovations to exist within,
  • question the role of any innovations they may propose in supporting or hindering sustainable futures to emerge with an ethical lens,
  • reflect on the role learning from the subject can and will have on their personal innovation practice, and
  • assess the contributions different futuring methods can have on innovative practices in their area of interest.

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