University of Technology Sydney

94657 Innovation Futures: Thinking Beyond What Is

8cp; block (6 days over 3wks); availability: all enrolled UTS undergraduate students


This subject engages participants in examining connections, patterns, and trends in the contexts of real-world challenges in order to discover avenues for initiatives, innovation and future development. The subject begins with identifying conditions required for the emergence of ideas, inspiration and change through examining historical cases of innovation. Participants analyse a contemporary challenge to situate its components and inter-dependencies as part of a big-picture complex system. Drawing on that collective case analysis, they propose worthwhile avenues for speculative exploration and innovation. They experiment using futuring methods to explore alternative future scenarios or worlds and to evaluate them in terms of impact. The subject culminates with participants developing an argument for and a speculative vision of a 'Future of X', recognising its implications and their agency with regard to making futures.

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