University of Technology Sydney

SMJ09037 Business Law

The business person of today cannot operate successfully without an understanding of the legal and regulatory environment within which they operate. This sub-major provides wide ranging options which provide an attractive choice to students to select from to meet their interests and professional needs in the global context. This sub-major develops skills to enable students to strategically assess, critically interpret and judiciously apply information for decision-making in the contemporary dynamic business environment. The sub-major provides students with an understanding of the impact of regulation and the law to progress a career in the global business environment. Students develop an awareness and understanding of social, legal and ethical responsibilities in business for a sustainable future.

Completion requirements

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
77947  Companies and Securities Law 6cp 
79708  Contemporary Business Law 6cp 
78126  Corporate Governance 6cp 
78122  Corporate Insolvency 6cp 
79771  Dispute Resolution 6cp 
78601  Infrastructure Law: Delivering Projects and Managing Risks 2cp 
78603  Infrastructure Law: Tendering, Payments and Adjudication 2cp 
78602  Infrastructure Law: Time, Cost and Quality in Projects 2cp 
77716  International Trade Law 6cp 
77938  Introduction to Taxation Law 6cp 
77942  Legal Aspects of Contracts Administration 6cp 
78244  Mergers and Acquisitions Law 6cp 
77745  Negotiation 6cp 
78113  Securities Regulation 6cp 
Total  24cp