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77942 Legal Aspects of Contracts Administration

Requisite(s): 142 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C04250 Juris Doctor Master of Business Administration AND 70106c Principles of Public International Law AND 70107c Principles of Company Law
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Anti-requisite(s): 70211 Contracts


This subject is designed to provide students with a sound understanding of fundamental aspects of contract law and their relevance to contract administration and management. Students learn to identify the legal issues of contract formation, the contents of a contract, how a contract can be discharged and the remedies available when one of the parties to the contract has breached the contract. This subject emphasises the practicality and business efficacy of understanding the role of contracts in a changing commercial world, and how the Australian legal framework has evolved in response to political and socioeconomic change including global commerce, electronic contracting and consumer protection laws.

In the tutorial discussion questions and hypothetical legal problems, students engage with best practice in solving contract disputes and ensuring that clients are protected from the risks of not complying with the common law of contract and related statutory law. Through hypothetical problems students develop an understanding of legal and ethical issues relating to the relationship between contracting parties. This subject is taught from a student-centred perspective where student responsibility for their learning is an essential component. Learning involves active engagement with the subject content through media reports, video presentations, tutorials and a range of online exercises.

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