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77947 Companies and Securities Law

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This subject explores company law in its applied context, addressing the needs of business practitioners and professionals such as accountants. The subject comprises four main sections, which provide an overview of corporate law in Australia. The first examines the principal provisions affecting the formation and operation of companies. The second concerns the main roles, responsibilities and duties of corporate directors, officers and other employees. The third section considers the protection of shareholders including in the process of corporate fundraising through the issue of new share capital; the section also looks at measures to protect creditors through provisions concerning the maintenance of share capital. The final section contains an introduction to securities regulation and deals with other major events in the corporate lifecycle such as external administration and takeovers.

In this subject, students are introduced to the framework of Australian corporations' legislation and the role of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Through an understanding of the roles, responsibilities and duties of key personnel involved in corporations, students develop skills in identifying, analysing and understanding corporate legal problems. Students are also introduced to case and statute analysis, enabling them to build an appreciation of the commercial implications of the legal framework in which corporations operate.

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