University of Technology Sydney

SMJ08195 Accounting in Practice

The Accounting in Practice sub-major provides students enrolled in any major within the Bachelor of Business with knowledge of contemporary issues in business planning and control, accounting/business information management and managerial decision support. Students also gain valuable practical, hands-on skills as they are applying this knowledge using a range of information systems (ERP systems, accounting systems, data warehouses and analytical tools).

Completion requirements

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
22574  Accounting Intelligence 6cp 
22575  Accounting Processes and Applications 6cp 
22017  Accounting for Risk and Financial Services 6cp 
22576  Business Analytics 6cp 
22016  Ethics and Governance 6cp 
22567  Planning and Control for Small Business Enterprises 6cp 
22566  Small Business Management and Accounting 6cp 
Total  24cp