University of Technology Sydney

SMJ08155 Sport Management

The Sport Management sub-major provides students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge of the sport industry, how it is structured and managed at different levels, from grassroots, community-focused sport, through to elite-level, commercially oriented sport. The sub-major enables students to acquire skills applicable for the professional management of sport, and for conceiving policies and strategies underpinning this multi-faceted role.

The sub-major provides a comprehensive range of skills and expertise expected of management professionals in the sport industry and cognate areas, such as events management and tourism management. Students acquire knowledge in the areas of sport management and the experience economy through learning strategies that cover contemporary case study analysis, theory and practical applications. By the end of the sub-major they are able to analyse contemporary challenges and issues of the sport sector; provide solutions to problems through developing strategic plans based on sport and event studies; apply management theories, concepts and decision-making skills in the context of the sport industry; and propose solutions to the management of problematic issues in sport, such as performance-enhancing drugs, off-field player behaviour, and career transition for elite athletes.

Completion requirements

21918  Sport Business  6cp
21952  Sport for Social Impact  6cp
21935  Sport, Events and Globalisation  6cp
21920  Sport Governance and Integrity  6cp
Total  24cp