University of Technology Sydney

SMJ08123 Finance

This sub-major introduces students to the foundation knowledge of finance theory and analytical techniques for financial decision-making in a dynamic operating environment. Students gain an understanding of the financial system, investment analysis and corporate finance, and the application of quantitative techniques in finance.

Anti-requisite(s): MAJ08440 Finance, MAJ08060 Extended Finance, SMJ08215 Financial Services - STM90705 Finance stream

Completion requirements

25556  The Financial System  6cp
25624  Financial Metrics for Decision Making  6cp
25503  Investment Analysis  6cp
Select 6 credit points of options:  6cp
25579  Applied Portfolio Management 6cp 
25574  Commercial Bank Management 6cp 
25557  Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice 6cp 
25620  Derivative Securities 6cp 
25602  Ethics in Finance 6cp 
25575  Investment Banking 6cp 
25627  Responsible Finance 6cp 
25626  Startup Finance 6cp 
25500  Strategic Investment Management 6cp 
Total  24cp