University of Technology Sydney

MAJ08440 Finance

Finance has evolved as a major field of business practiced by either business executives in the management of company funds or by executives in the financial sector who may work in financial markets, financial institutions, information technology or consultancy firms that provide financial advice and services to businesses and individuals. The subjects in the Finance major provide graduates with professional skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for a career in finance and the financial sector.

Students with weighted average mark above 70 in finance subjects are eligible for admission to the Finance strand in the Bachelor of Business (Honours). The program provides advanced training in financial econometrics and a range of specialised fields. It develops research skills through the writing of an honours thesis.

UTS is a CFA Program Partner Institution based on the Bachelor of Business with a major in Finance. CFA Institute has partnerships with select universities around the world that have embedded a significant percentage (70 per cent) of the CFA® (Chartered Financial Analyst®) Program Candidate Body of Knowledge into their degree programs.

Anti-requisites: MAJ08060 Extended Finance, SMJ08123 Finance

Completion requirements

25556  The Financial System  6cp
25624  Financial Metrics for Decision Making  6cp
25503  Investment Analysis  6cp
25410  Applied Financial Decision Making (Capstone)  6cp
25557  Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice  6cp
Select 18 credit points of options:  18cp
79014  Applied Company Law 6cp 
25579  Applied Portfolio Management 6cp 
25999  Business Internship 6cp 
25574  Commercial Bank Management 6cp 
25620  Derivative Securities 6cp 
25602  Ethics in Finance 6cp 
25575  Investment Banking 6cp 
25500  Strategic Investment Management 6cp 
23507  Time Series Econometrics 6cp 
Total  48cp