University of Technology Sydney

MAJ10053 Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

Artificial intelligence and data analytics are computing techniques that are becoming extremely influential in today’s information technology landscape, and developing skills in this area prepares students for a variety of emerging high-tech roles. In this major, students will learn to identify characteristics of problems that can be solved using Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics approaches. They will obtain, clean and efficiently represent datasets so that they can apply computational techniques to undertake data analyses and train Artificial Intelligence models. As they progress with these techniques they will learn to develop and optimise algorithms for Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, as well as validating their solutions using a variety of methods.

Completion requirements

31250  Introduction to Data Analytics  6cp
41004  AI/Analytics Capstone Project  6cp
41040  Introduction to Artificial Intelligence  6cp
Select 30 credit points of options:  30cp
31243  AI/Analytics Capstone Project B 6cp 
41077  Data Driven and Intelligent Robotics 6cp 
32146  Data Visualisation and Visual Analytics 6cp 
42028  Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Network 6cp 
43023  Emerging Topics in Artificial Intelligence 6cp 
31256  Image Processing and Pattern Recognition 6cp 
43024  Introduction to Computational Intelligence 6cp 
43025  Introduction to Quantum Computing 6cp 
31005  Machine Learning 6cp 
41043  Natural Language Processing 6cp 
42050  SAS Predictive Business Analytics 6cp 
42913  Social and Information Network Analysis 6cp 
57304  The Ethics of Data and AI 6cp 
Total  48cp