University of Technology Sydney

41077 Data Driven and Intelligent Robotics

6cp; 3hpw (laboratory)
Recommended studies:

Basics of statistics and probability, Python programming, Introduction to Data Analytics



Intelligent robots are a disruptive technology poised to transform business and society. However, developing intelligent robot behaviours is different to traditional business applications. Intelligent robots are real-time distributed systems that must make complex real-time decisions autonomously using data collected from a wide range of sources such as sensors and the internet. To deal with this complexity, professionals must not only make sense of complexity, context and social norms in real-world scenarios, but translate such insights to algorithms suitable for autonomous use by a robot.

In this subject, students work in groups to implement intelligent robot behaviours to solve a challenging real-world problem. Through this exercise, students develop their expertise in data analytics and machine learning. They develop an appreciation for the complexity, technical challenges and ethical issues associated with developing real-time data-driven intelligent systems. They gain an ability to recognise and select state-of-the-art algorithms, methodologies, techniques, experimental tools and evaluation methods. Students who complete this subject are ready to be productive members and thought-leaders in teams building the next generation of intelligent systems to transform business and society.

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus

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