University of Technology Sydney

MAJ03549 Renewable Energy Engineering

Renewable energy engineers are uniquely positioned to help society move from traditional sources of electricity generation towards a sustainable, carbon-neutral future. They draw on interdisciplinary perspectives and apply professional engineering capabilities to respond to clean and sustainable energy challenges, and meet a growing demand in the electrical, transportation and other critical sectors. This major equips graduates with electrical engineering foundations so they can do more than just design future renewable projects; graduates have the practical skills and knowledge to connect renewable technologies into current and emerging electricity grids.

Completion requirements

41125  Sustainable Energy Studio  6cp
43124  Renewable Energy Technology  6cp
41029  Engineering Research Preparation  6cp
41030  Engineering Capstone  6cp
41039  Programming 1  6cp
41088  Professional Studio A  6cp
41089  Professional Studio B  6cp
48510  Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering  6cp
48520  Electronics and Circuits  6cp
68412  Physics of Energy  6cp
48850  Environmental Planning and Law  6cp
48531  Electromechanical Automation  6cp
43123  Energy Storage Technologies  6cp
48550  Renewable Energy Systems Studio B  6cp
48561  Renewable Energy Systems Studio A  6cp
48572  Electrical Power Systems  6cp
48582  Power Systems Studio A  6cp
41124  Electrification and Renewables Studio  6cp
60101  Chemistry and Materials Science  6cp
43026  Energy Economics, Optimisation and Policy  6cp
Total  120cp