University of Technology Sydney

48520 Electronics and Circuits

6cp; 2hpw (laboratory); 2hpw (tutorial)
Requisite(s): ((48510 Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering OR 68201 Physics 2) AND 33130 Mathematics 1)
Recommended studies:

basic physics and single-variable calculus are essential for this subject, as well as a basic understanding of electrical circuits and their analysis



The main objective of this subject is to familiarise students with basic electronic circuits, mainly with op-amps as active elements, and their applications. By the end of the subject, students should have acquired reasonable proficiency in the analysis of basic electronic circuits and be able to build and test circuits in the laboratory. Particular emphasis is placed on the practical, hands-on aspect of electronics to provide a solid foundation of working knowledge for basic analog electronic circuits using op-amps. Laboratory work is a significant proportion of in-class delivery so as to make students proficient in circuit construction, testing, troubleshooting and to give them a sound knowledge of the use of test instruments. Another objective is to show that practical electronic applications are relevant to other engineering and technical disciplines and may often be placed within a wider social or commercial context.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus

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