University of Technology Sydney

MAJ01101 Physics

This major enables students to learn about the interactions of energy and matter, precision measurement techniques, measuring and understanding the laws of nature and how new developments in physics are helping to expand the frontiers of technology. This major is a combination of theory and practice with lots of opportunities for practical skills and laboratory experience.

Core study areas include computational physics, electromagnetics, electronics and interfacing, energy science, optics, measurement techniques, quantum and solid-state physics.

Students have access to modern, high technology micro-structural analysis instruments, and are taught how to apply them. Students gain critical thinking skills and how to apply practical problem solving skills in a hands-on environment. They also learn how applied research progresses and the creation of new technology.

Completion requirements

68320  Nanofabrication and Nanocharacterization Techniques  6cp
68075  Advanced Materials  6cp
68606  Solid-state Science and Quantum Devices  6cp
68206  Optics  6cp
68413  Quantum Physics  6cp
68513  Nanoscale and Quantum Photonics  6cp
68416  Computational Physics  6cp
68412  Physics of Energy  6cp
STM91763  Sub-major/Electives (Physics)  48cp
Total  96cp