University of Technology Sydney

CBK92323 Electives (6cp List)

Select 48 credit points of options:  48cp
59720  Academic English: Communication Fundamentals 6cp 
31777  Advanced Interaction Design 6cp 
52710  Climate Justice and Climate Policy 6cp 
52672  Comparing Indigenous Histories and Politics 6cp 
52716  Design Thinking for Social Innovation 6cp 
59355  Developing Academic Writing and Speaking Skills 6cp 
52717  Digital Interactive Documentary 6cp 
52680  Digital Media Industries 6cp 
31260  Fundamentals of Interaction Design 6cp 
52671  Histories of the Present 6cp 
52692  Imagining the Real 6cp 
31080  Interactive Media 6cp 
97901  International Internship 6cp 
52703  Media Influence 6cp 
52640  Media Law and Ethics 6cp 
52642  Multimedia Features 6cp 
52690  Narrative in Theory and Practice 6cp 
48023  Programming Fundamentals 6cp 
52650  Screen Story 6cp 
52670  Self and Society 6cp 
52643  Sound Journalism 6cp 
52661  Strategic Communication in Society 6cp 
52700  Streaming Television 6cp 
52681  Understanding Digital Audiences 6cp 
52691  Writing and Editing Foundations 6cp 
Total  48cp