University of Technology Sydney

CBK92187 Cybersecurity options

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
41890  Applying Network Security 6cp 
42036  Cyber Security for Mobile Platforms 6cp 
43001  Cybersecurity Challenge Studio 6cp 
41180  Data Analytics in Cyber Security 6cp 
48436  Digital Forensics 6cp 
65325  Digital Trace and Identity 6cp 
65326  Digital and Cyber Crime 6cp 
41185  Emerging Topics in Cyber Security and Privacy 6cp 
43011  Industrial Control System Security 6cp 
42037  IoT Security 6cp 
41183  Privacy Preserving 6cp 
41184  Secure Programming and Penetration Testing 6cp 
57304  The Ethics of Data and AI 6cp 
Total  24cp