University of Technology Sydney

CBK92134 Biomedical Engineering electives

Select 8 credit points of options:  8cp
91567  Advanced Microscopy and Imaging 8cp 
91186  Biomedical Engineering Project A 8cp 
91187  Biomedical Engineering Project B 8cp 
42060  Biomedical Industry Frameworks 6cp 
91569  Biotechnology Solutions to Infectious Diseases 8cp 
60002  Clinical Trials: Evidence and Design 2cp 
48023  Programming Fundamentals 6cp 
Select 4 credit points of options:  4cp
68028  Data Literacy: Data Informed Decision Making 2cp 
60102  Ethics in Animal Research 2cp 
60105  Ethics in Human Research 2cp 
60003  Genomics and Precision Medicine 2cp 
60108  Laboratory Management 4cp 
60109  Professional Science Document Writing 2cp 
60106  Research Proposal Writing 2cp 
60116  Risk Assessment and Management for Science 2cp 
60119  Science Business Models and Intellectual Property 4cp 
Total  12cp