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91569 Biotechnology Solutions to Infectious Diseases

8cp; 2hpw (workshop, face-to-face), 3hpw (practical, face-to-face), 2hpw (computer lab, face-to-face)
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Anti-requisite(s): 91559 Bacterial Pathogenesis AND 91574 Biotechnology Solutions to Infectious Diseases


This subject exposes the students to a range of novel technologies that are playing a pivotal role in the advancement of infectious diseases diagnosis, therapy and prevention. The subject covers diagnostic technologies like pathogen sequencing, microbiome analysis, therapeutic technologies like genome editing, biomarker development, vaccine development, as well as new approaches to understanding antimicrobial resistance. Upon successful completion of this subject, the students should have not only an understanding of the science behind these technologies but also have an appreciation of the fast-evolving nature of this field and the challenges the world faces with the advent of new biotechnology.

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