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60106 Research Proposal Writing

2cp; online
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68109 Advanced Communication Skills in Science


One of the key skills of a research scientist is the ability to write an effective research proposal to secure funding. There are some similarities to writing a scientific report or manuscript, but research proposal writing is its own genre. Securing funding for research can be extremely time-consuming and can make or break a scientific career, no matter how original or innovative the ideas are. Additionally, it is difficult for young scientists to compete on equal footing with established researchers who have experience with preparing proposals and the benefits that come with age, career stage and a recognised name. Researchers who understand the structure and purpose of these applications and can learn to address the common problems made in funding applications, then stand a better chance of receiving a favourable review.

The aim of this subject is to develop written communication skills, specifically those involved in preparing research proposals. This subject develops and enhances students' ability to prepare a clear and compelling argument for funding.

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