University of Technology Sydney

CBK91800 Electives (Extension)

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
57199  Advanced Audio/Visual Journalism 8cp 
57220  Corporate and Marketing Communication 8cp 
57031  Creative Non-fiction 8cp 
57228  Design Thinking for Communication Professionals 8cp 
57205  Digital Sports Journalism 8cp 
57218  Emergent Media Practices 8cp 
57195  Entrepreneurial Journalism 8cp 
57223  Exploring Human Communication: Theories and Practice 8cp 
57196  International and Transnational Journalism 8cp 
57198  Investigative Journalism 8cp 
57206  Public Relations for Sport 8cp 
57145  Reviewing Arts and Culture 8cp 
21923  Sport Business 8cp 
57207  Sports Media 8cp 
57214  Stakeholder Engagement 8cp 
57197  Working with Industry 8cp 
Total  24cp