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98726 Dissertation in Health Research 2

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UTS: Health
Credit points: 12 cp

Subject level:


Result type: Grade and marks


This subject facilitates an effective learning contract between the student and appointed supervisor. This learning contract forms the basis of students' framework of study as they plan to undertake the health research dissertation.

Contribution to the development of graduate attributes


·        Autonomy as a learner and a capacity to continually update knowledge and skills

·        Cooperative work and capacity for community engagement

·        An appreciation of cultural and intellectual diversity and an ability to function in a global environment


·        Capacity to apply disciplinary, professional and technical knowledge

·        Understanding of how knowledge is generated in the profession

·        Ethical understanding


·        Critical and independent thinking and capacity for judgment

·        Capacity for informed inquiry, creativity and innovation

·        Advanced written communication skills

Information literacies

Content (topics)

Students will (as appropriate to the research project):

  • Conduct data collection and/or analysis
  • Discuss the findings of the data analysis and formulate conclusions