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UTS Handbooks

  • The UTS Handbook is currently archived on the Autumn and Spring census dates.
  • From 2016–2018, the UTS: Handbook was archived on the Autumn, Spring and Summer session census dates.
  • From 2010–2015, the UTS: Handbook was archived on the Autumn and Spring session census dates.
  • Before 2010, the UTS Handbook was archived once a year.

Students should rely on the information published in the online handbook that was current at the census date relevant of the student's admission into the course and any applicable transition arrangements as prescribed in rule 3.6 of the Student and Related Rules.

Current handbook

Online archives

Spring 2023/Calendar B Spring 2023
Autumn 2023/Calendar B Autumn 2023

Spring 2022/Calendar B Spring 2022
Autumn 2022/Calendar B Autumn 2022

Spring 2021/Calendar B Spring 2021
Autumn 2021/Calendar B Autumn 2021

Spring 2020/Calendar B Spring 2020
Autumn 2020/Calendar B Autumn 2020

Spring 2019/Calendar B Spring 2019
Autumn 2019/Calendar B Autumn 2019

Summer 2018 (note: Summer session runs from Nov 2018–Feb 2019; the handbook banner indicates Summer 2019)
Spring 2018/Calendar B Spring 2018
Autumn 2018/Calendar B Autumn 2018

Summer 2017 (not available)
Spring 2017/Calendar B Spring 2017
Autumn 2017/Calendar B Autumn 2017

Summer 2016
Spring 2016/Calendar B Spring 2016
Autumn 2016/Calendar B Autumn 2016

Spring 2015
Autumn 2015

Spring 2014
Autumn 2014

Spring 2013
Autumn 2013

Spring 2012
Autumn 2012

Spring 2011
Autumn 2011

Spring 2010
Autumn 2010


PDF archives

UTS: Handbook 2014 (correct at September 2013) (7.9mb PDF)
UTS: Handbook 2013 (correct at September 2012) (6.9mb PDF)

Handbooks 1989–2003

Handbooks prior to 2004 are available via OPUS.

UTS: Calendars

Archives of the UTS: Calendar, dating back to 2004, are available as downloadable PDFs.

Print editions of the UTS: Calendar are no longer available.