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92689 Leadership in Midwifery (Mentorship and Preceptorship of Students)

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UTS: Health
Credit points: 6 cp
Result type: Grade and marks

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Students are challenged in this subject to prepare for their transition into the role of a beginning graduate midwife. The subject focuses on how students prepare for a professional role using the ethico-legal framework and NMBA Midwife Standards for Practice. It prepares students to take on a leadership role by mentoring first-year students in practice and identifying renowned midwifery leaders that have come before them. Through the use of an e-portfolio, which involves completing a skill inventory the subject introduces students to the concept of lifelong learning. This subject motivates students to engage with their profession in a responsible and honourable way, to develop a sense of constructive agency and to become a positive influence in the work life of others.

Subject learning objectives (SLOs)

Upon successful completion of this subject students should be able to:
A. Identify professional development needs and develop a strategy for transitioning from a student to a new graduate midwife in supporting students and others in the profession.
B. Recognise the importance of leadership in midwifery and identify the role of the new graduate midwife in undertaking this role.
C. Discuss the continuing evolution of midwifery leadership from a global, national and state perspective.