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85817 Social Innovation Project B

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UTS: Design, Architecture and Building: Design
Credit points: 12 cp
Result type: Grade and marks

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This subject involves the development and testing of design concepts that respond to the exploration and framing of the real-world problem undertaken in 85816 Social Innovation Project A. In this subject, students draw on their existing disciplinary expertise (including product design, visual communication and fashion and textiles) to iteratively design and test their solution ideas to establish a creative and feasible concept that generates value for the project stakeholders. Students design a series of prototypes and creative activities to test their design assumptions, consider the broader systemic implications of their designs, and articulate how their designs generates value. Deliverables of this subject comprise of a prototype or series of materialised concepts, co-design activities, presentations, and process documentation. This subject operates in connection with 85811 Research Paper B and 85813 Design Advocacy. It can be thought of as the second and final phase of the Honours project.