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81518 Global Innovation Studio B

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UTS: Creative Intelligence and Innovation: Transdisciplinary Innovation
Credit points: 8 cp
Result type: Grade and marks

There are course requisites for this subject. See access conditions.


This Innovation Leadership program emphasises international networking and excursions or study tours in building a global perspective to group and individual engagement and practice. This subject provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in another innovative, entrepreneurial and educational culture. A selection of global studios are offered, allowing students to undertake intensive educational projects and experiences with students from overseas institutions, and utilising established international relationships.

Subject learning objectives (SLOs)

Upon successful completion of this subject students should be able to:

1. Appreciate, observe and discover opportunities to learn about entirely different cultural contexts.
2. Reflect deeply on the nature of a personal journey and cultural discovery, using philosophical principles of integral learning.
3. Design and personalise a creative project that creates both new knowledge and personal transformation.
4. Conduct experiments and participate in cultural experiences within or across disciplines in a global context.

Teaching and learning strategies

Learning will take place in the unique, dynamic spiritual environment of Auroville – a universal township and living laboratory in human unity: one that privileges being over knowing (ontology over epistemology) and encourages integral learning (learning through body, mind and spirit.) You will learn from Aurovillians as much as from each other and your tutor.

This subject is studio-based. In each studio session students will receive feedback and reflection on their projects, whilst continuing and completing work outside of face-to-face session times.

Content (topics)

Cultural immersion

Self discovery

Independent project design and delivery


Assessment task 1: 1a. Creating and sharing a ‘Songline’


Consult the Assessment 1 Brief for detailed requirements and guidelines.

In this assessment you will explore and share stories of your tracks and trails through Auroville (by bike or on foot) and develop an understanding of the context of this global studio.


This assessment task addresses the following subject learning objectives:


Type: Exercises
Groupwork: Group, group assessed
Weight: 20%
  • Confidence and curiosity in exploring an entirely new context for ‘lived’ innovation (20%)

Assessment task 2: 1b: Integral sensemaking of your journey through Auroville


Task 1b: Integral sensemaking of your journey through Auroville (30%)

For this assessment you will be required to use Auroville’s integral learning framework to describe your personal journey using multiple modalities.


This assessment task addresses the following subject learning objectives:


Type: Journal
Groupwork: Individual
Weight: 30%
  • Insightful reflection about self in the world (10%)
  • Depth and breadth of discovery through multiple ways of knowing (10%)
  • Ability to tell a personal story well (10%)

Assessment task 3: 2: Individual project


Task: Consult the Assessment 2 Brief for detailed requirements and guidelines.

For your individual project you have the choice between a Creative Residency, Research Project or Internship.


This assessment task addresses the following subject learning objectives:

3 and 4

Type: Project
Groupwork: Individual
Weight: 50%
  • Clever and sensitive project design that combines natural curiosities with creative capacity (20%)
  • Initiative and leadership in maintaining a sustained and fascinating enquiry or engagement (30%)

Required texts

Students are free to access all texts relevant to their projects through the library at the Centre of Indian Studies in Bharat Nivas.

In advance of the studio, please explore

Recommended texts

Auroville web page:

Information in 'News & Notes' about activities in Auroville:

The Integral Yoga - Sri Aurobindo:

The Life Divine - Sri Aurobindo:

Questions and Answers 1950–1951 (Collected Works of The Mother Volume 4) :

For more inspirational free ebooks, check out Auroville's free bookstore: