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80113 Advanced Virtual Reality for Architectural Design

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UTS: Design, Architecture and Building: Architecture
Credit points: 3 cp
Result type: Pass fail, no marks


Students learn how to view, present, and interact with architectural designs in virtual reality (VR) via contemporary visualisation software Unreal Engine 4 and the HTC?Vive?head-mounted display. This course follows on from the Real-time visualisation for architectural design short course.??

This course is focused on the creation of immersive experiences through VR. Increasingly used by major architectural firms such as COX, BVN, Woods Baggot and Bates Smart, VR is a critical tool in the design and development process as it provides 1:1 scale representation of architectural designs. Valuable for both designers and clients as it provides insight into how the architecture would?appear at completion, well before construction begins.?

Students of this course, produce, view, and interrogate design using industry-standard VR tools and hardware. They prepare an Unreal Engine 4 model for use in VR and learn how to provide interaction with the model for immersion into, and interrogation of, the architectural design.??