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48902 Professional Service Project B

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UTS: Engineering
Credit points: 6 cp

Subject level:


Result type: Pass fail, no marks


This suite of subjects develops an appreciation of the service obligations and non-financial rewards associated with the award of professional status. Students participate in one or more professional service activities and thus build their understanding of the culture of engineering and the current debates surrounding it. Students are required to analyse the impact of the activity on the recipient organisation and to evaluate the competence they need to be able to perform the service in a manner consistent with the Code of Ethics. In many cases, students work with professionals from non-engineering disciplines. This increases their awareness of engineers' interdependence on other professions as well as enhancing their experience in managing group dynamics. Students gain an understanding of the role engineering plays in society and in particular the perception that the community at large has about engineering. Students are able to volunteer for professional service projects throughout their course for which they receive a certificate.

Minimum requirements

In order to pass the subject, a student must achieve an overall mark of 50% or more.