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25864 Finance Theory

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UTS: Business: Finance
Credit points: 6 cp

Subject level:


Result type: Grade and marks

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This subject introduces students to the major models of asset pricing and to rational expectations models. Three broad categories of asset pricing models are discussed: single-period static models and discrete time intertemporal models; continuous time models; and rational expectations models.

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Content (topics)

The subject consists of three 2 Day Modules which deal with three broad categories of asset pricing models: single-period static models and discrete time intertemporal models (Module 1), continuous time mathematics, Black Scholes and continuous time models (Module 2) and finally rational expectations models: fully revealing equilibrium, noisy rational expectations equilibrium, the Kyle model, its extensions and future directions (Module 3).

The general approach will be:

  • to examine the economic intuition behind each model
  • provide a mathematically rigorous derivation of the model
  • discuss the model's important features, and
  • outline the testable implications of the model.


Assessment task 1: Assignments (Individual or Group)

Weight: 20%

Assessment task 2: Assignments (Individual or Group)

Weight: 20%

Assessment task 3: Final Exam

Weight: 60%

Recommended texts

There are no required texts for this course.


  • Huang and Litzenberger, 1988 Foundations for Financial Economics, North-Holland (Elsevier Science Publishing, New York).
  • Ingersoll, 1987 Theory of Financial Decision Making, Rowan and Littlefield (Totowa, NJ).
  • Cochrane, 2005 Asset Pricing Revised Edition, Princeton University Press.
  • O'Hara, 1995 Market Microstructure Theory, Blackwell Publishers, Cambridge Mass.