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21597 Principles of Money and Finance

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UTS: Business
Credit points: 6 cp

Subject level: Undergraduate

Result type: Grade and marks

There are course requisites for this subject. See access conditions.


This subject aims to introduce students to finance and help them acquire the basic analytical skills required to make informed financial decisions. This is achieved through an understanding of financial statements and how they can be created and used for company analysis. The subject also introduces the concept of time-value of money – a key concept in financial decision-making.

Subject learning objectives (SLOs)

Upon successful completion of this subject students should be able to:
1. Understanding the main financial statements of a company.
2. Explain the risk and return relationship and its role in business
3. Demonstrate an understanding of time value of money

Contribution to the development of graduate attributes

This subject lays out the foundations of finance with particular emphasis on understanding financial information provided by companies. The concepts of valuation and risk in business are examined and provide students with the framework for decision making.

This subject contributes to developing the following graduate attributes:

  • Business knowledge and concepts
  • Business practice oriented skills

This subject also contributes specifically to introduce the following Program Learning Objectives:

  • 1.2 Demonstrate inter-relationships between differing business and related disciplines
  • 5.2 Demonstrate knowledge of the rights and perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in relation to business practices

Teaching and learning strategies

The subject is presented in seminar format. Essential principles are presented and analysed and students are lead through practical application exercises.

Content (topics)

  • Introduction to Business structures
  • Financial statements – uses and issues
  • Business transactions – assumptions and issues
  • Preparing and understanding financial statements
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Time value of money


Assessment task 1: In-class project (Group)


This addresses subject learning objective(s):

1 and 2

Weight: 30%

Assessment task 2: Project (Individual)


This addresses subject learning objective(s):

1 and 2

Weight: 40%

Assessment task 3: In-class tests (Individual)


This addresses subject learning objective(s):


Weight: 30%

Minimum requirements

Students must achieve at least 50% of the subject’s total marks.

Required texts

Readings will be provided on the UTS Online site.