University of Technology Sydney

99222 Sustainability Studio

Requisite(s): ((99215 Sustainability in Context OR 99221 Sustainability in Context) AND 99223 Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning AND 99220 Planetary Decarbonisation)


This final Sustainability and Environment core subject supports students to self-source short placements 75 - 100 hours with an external organisation which forms the basis of a major project. Students receive academic guidance and administrative support in sourcing their work placements. As students prepare workplace learning reflections and their major project, they are supported with workshops and online interactive learning modules. The task of securing a placement helps students not only gain knowledge insights about sustainability and environment organisations and strengthen their professional networking skills, but also develop professional language and practice capabilities including: being interviewed, workplace communication, and task management.

The major project that students are to undertake, enables them to closely study how a real-world organisation seeks to address sustainability and environment problems. Students are guided to draw on transdisciplinary knowledge and skills gained from preceding subjects in their substantive discipline stream and the suite of their core Sustainabilty and Environment subjects. The major project sharpens students’ capabilities to scope, research and analyse a sustainability and environment problem, and appraise policy and practice strategies to address it.

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