University of Technology Sydney

99220 Planetary Decarbonisation

Requisite(s): 99215 Sustainability in Context OR 99221 Sustainability in Context
Anti-requisite(s): 94679 Complexity and Sustainable Futures


This subject focuses on social sciences and humanities approaches to the energy transition for planetary decarbonisation and sustainable futures. Students learn to debate key ideas about fossil fuel-based societies and the transition to carbon-neutral conditions, especially for the historically coal-intensive economies of the Asia Pacific region with emphasis on Australia, China, India, Indonesia, and the United States. Topics focus on place-based challenges for urban and industrial environments in local-global relations and examine national and international policy challenges for post-carbon governance with concerns for ethics of shared responsibility. The subject adopts problem-solving approaches based on learning theoretical and practical tools, including complexity, emergence, networks, systems, wicked problems, and data visualisation, to support analysis of sustainability goals in nature-society relations.

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