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96335 Contemporary Approaches to Digital Health

6cp; Online
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Anti-requisite(s): 92664 Contemporary Approaches to Digital Health



Digital health is about ensuring the sustainability and quality of all forms of healthcare. Those working in the health sector need to keep up-to-date with information and communication technologies that are transforming the delivery of healthcare services. An appreciation of the complexities of the digital health environment enables health professionals to understand the latest technologies, by which they can improve patient-centred care, increase coordination, drive efficiencies and reduce the cost of services.

In this subject, students examine current data standards for healthcare and gain an appreciation of the issues that health professionals face on a daily basis, in relation to those standards. The major components of the digital age are evaluated from local, national and international perspectives, including the role of health professionals in improving health service outcomes through diligence in data stewardship and knowledge management. As part of this process, students investigate the latest wave of data management, data analytics, which is intended to promote system-wide quality improvement and cost reduction, through the creation of a data-driven improvement culture.

In order to take part in that revolution, it is vital that health professionals know how to measure, track and improve performance, deliver evidence-based care, and accurately forecast optimal strategies to meet patient needs through access to and analysis of real-time information. As part of the reflexive learning process, students create and use their own e-portfolio, as a way of understanding how to organise and utilise data about themselves.

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