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96073 Clinical Placement 4

6cp; 14hpw (external clinical placement), 1hpw (individual supervision), 1hpw (group supervision or other forms of supervision)
Requisite(s): 96051 Clinical Placement 2 AND 96052 Clinical Placement 3 AND 96053 Advanced Clinical Skills 1 AND 96054 Research Project 2
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This subject provides ongoing training as part of the practical component of the clinical program. The aim of the subject is to further develop trainees' clinical skills in assessment, diagnosis, case formulation and treatment of clients with a range of presentations. In Clinical Placement 4, trainees are required to complete an external placement. During the external clinical placement, students are introduced to practice management, storing and accessing psychology files and record keeping, as well as managing people in a clinical context. Trainees are assessed in case reports and by placement reviews.

Typically external field placements are 42 days long. Placements are normally completed by attending two days per week for approximately 21 weeks. Placement length is determined by the field supervisor and the nature of their service.

Typical availability

Spring semeter, City campus

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