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96056 Research Project 3

12cp; no scheduled seminars; students must meet with their research supervisor frequently to work on their research project
Requisite(s): 96051 Clinical Placement 2 AND 96052 Clinical Placement 3 AND 96053 Advanced Clinical Skills 1 AND 96054 Research Project 2 AND 96073c Clinical Placement 4 AND 96074c Advanced Clinical Skills 2
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This subject is designed to support the final completion and dissemination of a clinical psychology research project. This subject is designed to provide hands-on support to students throughout the data analysis, interpretation, and write-up stages of a clinical research project. The objective of the subject is to train and support students through to final completion of a clinical research project that is at a standard suitable for submission for peer-reviewed publication.

After successful completion of this subject it is expected that students are able to:

  • collect and analyse data relevant to a clinical research project
  • interpret data in line with a chosen research methodology and set of research questions
  • produce a research article formatted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, and
  • prepare a research article for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus

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Access conditions

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