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96040 Advanced Professional Practice

6cp; 2hpw (online and on-campus workshops), online learning activities
Requisite(s): 96036 Neurological Ocular Disorders
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This capstone subject integrates knowledge acquired from all subjects in the Master of Orthoptics (C04299) and is closely aligned with learning in 96075 Professional Practice 3 with knowledge and information gained in clinical placements amalgamated into this subject. Emphasis is given to preparing for professional practice as an entry-level orthoptic graduate. The subject encourages students to gain greater understanding of the various realms of orthoptic practice and aims to provide them with the knowledge and skills to strategically manage their professional life to assure the long-term viability of their career and profession. The students adopt a creative approach to developing an understanding of the impact of clinical settings and practice management on the provision of good patient care. This includes the design of safe and efficient clinical facilities in organised consultation with industry partners and of protocols that adhere to legislative requirements. Clinical reasoning is emphasised within the framework of patient-centred care. This is placed within the broader context of the health system, including co-management and consultation with other health professionals and non-government agencies. Content addresses work health and safety, employment and medico-legal issues. Students refine their communication skills, both verbal and written in the creation of information to be contained in medical records, formal orthoptic reports and providing therapeutic instruction to maximise patient education, understanding and compliance with therapy.

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Spring session, City campus

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