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96012 Professional Services 4

6cp; 1 x 2hpw (lecture or supporting learning activity), 2 x 2hpw (workshop), online
Requisite(s): 96009 Professional Services 3 AND 96010 Integrated Therapeutics 2 AND 96011 Primary Health Care AND 96024 Clinical Practice 2
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Our health care system is facing increasing pressure due to the expanding burden of chronic disease, ageing of the population, development of new and complex therapies, and emphasis on early diagnosis of illness. Collectively, these issues are overwhelming our basic health services and increasing health care costs. To address these issues, pharmacists can utilise their expertise and accessibility to offer targeted services and provide advanced pharmacy practice; for example, disease state management (DSM) services and pharmacist prescribing. DSM services for chronic diseases, including health priority areas such as asthma, diabetes, mental health, cancer and cardiovascular disease, are evolving to help reduce illness-related morbidity and mortality. Different models of DSM are explored in this subject, including optimisation of the role of patients in self-management of their disease. Pharmacists may also apply their therapeutic expertise in more advanced forms of pharmacy practice, for example as consultant pharmacists or prescribing pharmacists. This subject reviews different models of prescribing, as well as models for in-depth inter-professional communication. In providing such services and advanced practice, pharmacists must take into account a range of factors such as: technology, legislation, compliance, ethics, pharmaceutical science, pathology, patient safety, clinical practice, therapeutics, inter-professional relationships and roles, and competency standards.

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