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96009 Professional Services 3

6cp; 1 x 2hpw (lecture or online activities), 2 x 2hpw (workshop), on campus
Requisite(s): (96005 Professional Services 2 AND 96006 Integrated Therapeutics 1 AND 96007 Drug Disposition AND (96008 Evidence-based Practice OR 96858 Evidenced-based Primary Health Care) AND 96024 Clinical Practice 2)
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An increasing role for pharmacists in optimising clinical outcomes is to help patients and prescribers in the selection and use of medications and devices. Medication management reviews, particularly for patients who have multiple chronic pathologies, are an expanding part of pharmacy practice. This subject deals with management services such as the Medicines Utilisation Review, Home Medication Reviews, and Residential Medication Management Reviews carried out in Australian and international contexts. This subject also explores the role of pharmacists in hospital, residential care and community settings. It builds on earlier work dealing with communication and behavioural models, and analysing and applying strategies for in-depth communication with patients, carers and prescribers. Aspects such as the technology used, legislation, adherence, ethics, pharmaceutical science, patient safety, pathology, clinical aspects and competency standards are addressed in the context of pharmacy service delivery.

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Autumn session, City campus

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