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92482 Introduction to Specialty Practice: Women's Health

6cp; Standard/intensive; 1hpw (online lecture) X 5 weeks, 4 X 5 hour laboratories for 4 weeks
Requisite(s): (92438 Medical Surgical Nursing OR 92450 Medical Surgical Nursing (Graduate Entry) OR 92024 Medical Surgical Nursing (Graduate Entry) OR 92322 Medical Surgical Nursing OR 92454 Medical Surgical Nursing)) OR ((93211 Clinical Practice 2B OR 93225 Clinical Practice 2B) AND (93207 Foundations of Nursing Practice 2A OR 93200 Foundations of Nursing Practice 2A) AND (93224 Foundations of Nursing Practice 2B OR 93210 Foundations of Nursing Practice 2B) AND (93214c Foundations of Nursing Practice 3A OR 93228c Foundations of Nursing Practice 3A)
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92482 ISP Women’s Health is not offered in 2024.


Women's health has traditionally been examined from a gynocentric or medical perspective as women have been acknowledged primarily for, and only in terms of, their reproductive function. However, issues surrounding women's health are broader than this and should be studied in the context of women's place in a patriarchal society at local, national and global levels. In this subject students have the opportunity to examine, within a feminist framework, why women still need specialised services for women only and why the women's health movement continues to challenge the system providing mainstream health services. The subject is situated in a social model of health and students have the opportunity to test the theoretical claims of the subject in various women's health service environments. The services which are used for placements are services catering in the main to very vulnerable groups of women and the services expect a high level of maturity from students for clinical placements. Students are interviewed prior to enrolling in the subject to better match students with an appropriate service from the limited number of placements available for this subject.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus (third year)

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