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91821 Transfusion Science

6cp; 6hpw: 1-2hrs of weekly online theory material; 10 x 2hrs of face-to-face workshops; 8 x 3hrs practical
Requisite(s): 91401 Immunology OR 91563 Haematology
Anti-requisite(s): 91129 Transfusion Science


Transfusion Science is about human blood group systems, the antigens that each of us possess on our red blood cells that make each of our blood cells different to that of another person. Because of these differences, our bodies can determine another person’s cells as foreign (non-self).

This subject explores how the body responds, the tests to detect and identify of plasma antibodies, principles of donor blood compatibility and antigen/antibody reactions, the use of blood products in testing, the safety of the blood supply and minimisation of transmission of infectious diseases, investigation of transfusion reactions, haemolytic disease of the newborn, platelet and leucocyte immuno-haematology, transfusion in critical care situations, legal aspects of transfusion and use of blood products, stem cell transplantation, and cytokine stimulation of hemopoiesis.

This subject teaches the essential principles and practices of transfusion scientists who work in the clinical and research areas of transfusion science. As such, the workshop and practical aspects of the subject are designed to teach the basic tools and methods required to identify antibodies; to determine the safe use of blood for transfusion, identify risks of mother-foetus incompatibility and the source of transfusion reactions. To create the foundation for understanding these concepts, the subject has the theory content presented in modules where the information presented using multiple formats, these include video mini-lectures, presentations, recordings, readings, gamified learning and opportunities for reflection with your cohort.

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus

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