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91309 Biodiversity Conservation

6cp; 4.5 hpw: 1.5hpw (online workshop), 3hpw (laboratory practical)
Requisite(s): 91154 Ecology
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We are in the Anthropocene, a period of the Earth's history characterized by the dominant influence of human activity on the environment. Extinction of species throughout the world as a result of human activities is driving declines in native biodiversity, impacting on ecosystem functioning and modifying the provision of ecosystem services essential for human welfare. In this subject, students learn how to apply evidence-based, ecological science and skills to become experienced practitioners in the conservation of native biodiversity. Disciplinary knowledge and practical activities cover geographic and temporal patterns in biodiversity; global processes such as land clearing, catastrophic wildfires and the introduction of exotic species that lead to the extinction of native biodiversity; the arsenal of approaches that can be implemented for effective biodiversity conservation; the critical role of taxonomy for conservation; indigenous biodiversity knowledge; the biogeography of Australia’s flora and fauna; and the mechanistic links between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning and services. Students are asked to think critically and engage actively in research project design and fieldwork, with projects exploring plant-pollinator networks as well as patterns of change in vegetation across landscapes. Importantly, students have the opportunity to apply plant and insect identification skills in real-world environments. The overarching framework of this subject is a solutions-based approach for positive change for the natural environment.

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