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91116 Australian Wildlife and Management

6cp; 2hpw x 10wks (lecture), 2hpw x 2wks (practical classes), 4hpw x 2wk (student seminars), 3 days (field excursion)
Requisite(s): 91363 Animal Behaviour and Physiology OR 91309c Biodiversity Conservation OR 91154 Ecology
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Human populations are expanding globally, putting increasing pressure on wildlife populations. In Australia, human activities such as land clearing, mining, gas exploration, and agriculture, coupled with the spread of invasive species, and changes to fire regimes, pose serious threats to our native wildlife. In recent years, there has been increasing demand for environmental scientists to identify and mitigate threats to wildlife populations. This subject explores the conservation, management and biology of Australian wildlife. The subject explores the diversity of wildlife in Australia, and focuses on current issues in wildlife ecology and applied solutions to conservation and wildlife management problems. The subject involves a field trip where students can gain hands-on experience working with native animals, and learn a broad range of skills and techniques used to survey, identify and study wildlife. Students learn many of the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute in a professional capacity to the conservation and management of Australian wildlife. Topics include conservation biology, the ecology of threatened and endangered species, anthropogenic impacts on Australian wildlife, captive breeding programs, the role of zoos and national parks in conservation, the ecology of native and introduced pest animals, and the sustainable use of wildlife. Guest lecturers, researchers, and resource managers give presentations covering a range of contemporary issues and advances in the vibrant interdisciplinary field of wildlife ecology.

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Autumn session, City campus


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