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88212 Animation Studio: Animation Practice

12cp; 3hpw (lecture), 5hpw (Studio)
Requisite(s): 88211 Animation Studio: Narrative Experimentations AND 82420 Context: Animation Character Rigging Advanced
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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In this subject students engage in complex and challenging animation design projects that enable them to incorporate in-depth research and design techniques learned from previous design studios. Fostering experimentation in thinking and practice as a means for developing an individual design approach, students explore the role that animation designers and directors play in the development of complex design projects. There is a focus on executing well-considered and crafted outcomes, and on finding open-ended solutions that incorporate a broad range of traditional and contemporary animation methods and practices. Emphasis is also placed on building teams with complementary skill sets in order to promote a high level of both creative and technical competence in problem solving.

Students are expected to incorporate aesthetics and working processes developed through their chosen 2D hybrid or 3D animation pathway. 2D hybrid students pay particular attention to materiality and visual language, analogue and digital processes, production design for character and background, and shot choices for 2D animation. 3D digital animation students pay particular attention to developing rapidly prototyped characters and environments to suit the demands and time frame of project briefs.

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