University of Technology Sydney

84712 Product Engineering

12cp; 6hpw x 12wks (2 x 2hpw studio; 1 x 2hpw CAD lab)
Requisite(s): 84117 Product Design Communication B


An understanding of manufacturing and industry knowledge in connection with structure, materials and processes must be applied in the design and development of new products. This subject introduces students to a range of structural and manufacturing principles as they relate to product design, including (where appropriate) mechanics and electronics. Through a series of projects, design-thinking supports the exploration of technical approaches to the functional aspects of future-orientated products, systems and interfaces, both conceptually and in the establishment of efficient physical forms. Aptitude in the ability to innovate, experiment and rationalise solution concepts that appropriately consider these technical aspects is developed through the practice of design skills, including sketching, prototyping and collaboration to produce designs that are ecologically responsible, technically feasible and operationally intuitive for the end-user.

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