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82120 Animation Studio: Foundations in Animation Language

12cp; 1hpw (lecture), 6hrs (studio-based workshops and tutorials)
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Research and re-imagining

Primary research through observational drawing, photography, film, and sound recording are key elements in the creative process in this subject. Students are taken through a varied program of observational drawing classes, visual research, story telling and problem-solving projects designed to introduce them to a wide range of possibilities within animation. These short projects introduce them to a diverse range of research methods, which feed directly into their creative outcomes. Students learn to record and collect information and imagery, and then to apply this to their work in imaginative ways. Secondary research, through the exploration of existing art, design, media and culture – not just animation – is also an essential component. Inspiration and information should be found in the most varied and unlikely places. Emphasis is placed on the development of a clear, original and thorough approach to research, ideas generation and character design.

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