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78301 Australia's Visa System

6cp; distance (online delivery)
Requisite(s): 78300c Introduction to Migration Law
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This subject is offered in the Graduate Diploma in Migration Law and Practice, as well as a postgraduate elective. The subject introduces students to Australia's visa system and provides an overview of all visa classes and subclasses. The subject considers the Code of Procedure set out in the Migration Act 1958 for dealing with visa applications to familiarise students with core requirements such as communication between the Minister and visa applicants, and when adverse information must be disclosed to a visa applicant. The subject covers notification methods and deemed receipt, together with other general concepts that are common to all or many visa classes, to provide a framework for understanding the important Schedules to the Migration Regulations 1994 that set out the criteria visa applicants must meet and the conditions that must or may be imposed when a visa is granted.

Students develop knowledge and analytical skills through problem-solving activities that mirror the legal and factual issues that arise in migration practice. In particular students learn, practise and receive feedback on the problem-solving skills necessary to apply the relevant validity and eligibility criteria to a client's circumstances in order to identify and advise on appropriate visa pathways.

This subject is aligned with the Occupational Competency Standards for Migration Agents. The nine standards set out the knowledge, skills and professionalism required of an Australian migration agent. This subject meets the following three standards:

  • Standard 1 – Make preliminary contact with potential client
  • Standard 2 – Agree on a course of action based on a detailed knowledge of relevant legislation and government policy and in accordance with the ethical principles and the Code of Conduct
  • Standard 3 – Prepare, review and lodge applications or appeals based on a detailed knowledge of relevant legislation and government policy and in accordance with ethical principles and the Code of Conduct.

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