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76212 Revenue Law

Requisite(s): ((70417 Corporate Law AND 70617 Administrative Law) OR 70327 Introduction to Property and Commercial Law )
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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Anti-requisite(s): 79017 Taxation Law


Revenue law navigates students through the complexity of the Australian taxation system, providing sign posts along the way which deconstruct important principles. By analysing these principles in detail, students become proficient in applying the concepts to real life examples in the commercial world. By developing an understanding of how the taxation administration system operates, students are able to confidently apply it to contemporary revenue issues. Apart from the technical aspects of revenue law such as income, deductions, capital gains tax (CGT) and fringe benefits tax (FBT), students are called upon to consider tax planning and anti-avoidance rules. Students are immersed in topics such as taxation of companies and partnerships, CGT, FBT, goods and services tax and deductions. Students increase their practical knowledge of revenue law and apply their understanding to real life examples.

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