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70417 Corporate Law

Requisite(s): 70317c Real Property AND 70517c Equity and Trusts
The lower case 'c' after the subject code indicates that the subject is a corequisite. See definitions for details.
Anti-requisite(s): 70107 Principles of Company Law AND 79014 Applied Company Law


Corporations are an all-pervading presence in contemporary society. An understanding of corporate law is essential for students intending to enter a commercial legal practice or aspiring to a senior appointment within a company. Awareness of the different rights and responsibilities of corporate stakeholders, such as directors, employees, creditors and shareholders, is also important for any prospective lawyer, since so many legal issues involve one or more corporations as parties to the action or transaction.

This subject is an introduction to the field of corporate law and corporations, and their role in commerce and society. It looks at that mode of business activity conducted in the form of a vehicle known as a company or a corporation and asks 'What/why/how/who is it?' and considers the various actors involved: shareholders, directors, creditors, regulators and the public, and the web of relationships between these parties. It also explores the legal system and laws, corporate laws, and how they provide dispute resolution mechanisms. In addition, the increasing role of laws as regulatory and prescriptive is explored with a tilt towards understanding and utilising theoretical models of the body corporate and public policies.

This subject is taught from a student-centred perspective, with an emphasis on case and policy analysis, which may involve lectures, seminars and online exercises. It is Australian-laws focused and cases chosen for readings and discussion reflect this bias.

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